Unit Testing and Mocking Tools: C/C++, Java, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, Flex


Python Unit Tests Tools


an Automated Pythonic Code Tester. This package is designed to run tests on a code repository on a daily basis. It comes with a set of predefined test, essentially for python packages, and a set of predefined reports to display execution results. However, it has been designed to be highly extensible, so you could write your own test or report using the Python language.


fixture is a python module for loading and referencing test data. It provides several utilities for achieving a fixed state when testing Python programs. Specifically, these utilities setup / teardown databases and work with temporary file systems.


Fudge is a Python module for using fake objects (mocks, stubs, etc) to test real ones. This module is designed for two specific situations: * Replace an object * Ensure an object is used correctly


NoseJS is a Nose plugin for integrating JavaScript tests into a Python test suite.


PDbSeed is a database seeding and verification tool written in Python. PDbSeed performs an operation, such as DELETE or INSERT, on a database using an XML dataset file for input/output. PDbSeed is useful in unit tests that interact with a database.

Python Browser Poseur

PBP is a web test tool based on John J. Lee's mechanize. It exposes the browser functionality at the level of a shell-like interpreter so that testers can quickly write tests in a simple language designed specifically for that purpose. Anyone familiar with a command line should be able to write test scripts for even the most complex web applications with PBP.


To create an easily customizable and extensible open source tool that will automatically, or semi-automatically, generate unit tests for legacy systems written in Python.


A unit testing framework for Python


Python Testing Out Of (The) Box - is a Python testing framework that extends the standard Python 'unittest' module and provides XML and HTML reports, debugging failed tests, verbose asserts, color output, and many more useful features. It integrates effortlessly with existing 'unittest' test suites.